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INSIDE A COLLECTOR’S WHISKY CABINET: Series 2 - The Ardbeg Distillery Tasting

16 February 2023

Our 2 of 5 series of premium tastings, co-hosted with Tasting-So - a Hong Kong based whisky society in vision to connect and share quality whisky with people. Dedicated to a private collection of some of the world's rarest and finest whiskies. A collector's lifetime passion to be shared and tasted with like-minded whisky lovers.

This evening, we are honoured to try the 200-year-old distillery long claimed for it’s smokiest malt from Islay, and also the sweetest whisky of the island. The combination of this rich smokiness and citric sweet core gives it a balance character.

Five of 'The Ultimate Islay Malt' finest and rarest collection. An exquisite chance to taste a very rare bottle of 1998 Ardbeg (22 Years Old) - an extraordinarily bold and mouth-catching dram.


Rated 6 stars ****** by Dr. Bill Lumsden (Master Distiller of Glenmorangie and Ardbeg)


Ardbeg 10 Years Old - 2022 R.P$600

Ardbeg 11 Years Old Single Cask #3770

2nd Fill PX Sherry Butt 09-21 - Exclusive to Sweden R.P$11,000

Ardbeg 15 Years Old Single Cask #7170

2nd Fill Oloroso Butt 06-22 - Exclusive to Sweden R.P$9,000

Ardbeg 25 Years Old Lord of The Isles R.P$18,000

Ardbeg 25 Years Old - 2022 R.P$10,000

Ardbeg 1998 22 Years Old - Rare Cask

Cask Strength - 2nd Fill Oloroso Sherry R.P$23,000

The Ardbeg 1998 22 Years Old - Rare Cask was an exquisite experience.

Comment from a guest: 

"The whisky was powerful on the palate, the mouth was filled with complex characters of vanilla and leather and a big amount of peatsmoke. The long aftertaste was very memorable, longing with sweetness of cooked fruits and spices."


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