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Italophilia Evening

13 October 2022

On Thursday evening, 13th of October, we are delighted to have co-hosted with Abrate & Sons - fine Italian food and beverage supply in Hong Kong. An evening of art and wine to celebrate Italophilia (an appreciation of Italian culture). Featuring a solo exhibition of an Italian printmaker and artist - Oliviero Masi at Art Curators Hub, a selection of 17 works of art displaying the different techniques Masi used throughout his artistic career. Masi's use of bright colours in a soft impressionism style highlighting the shine of Tuscany landscape.

The evening opened the exhibition brightly with the enjoyment of Italian Jazz music and Italian wine from Piemonte, Alto Adige, Lombardy and Veneto.


Oliviero Masi (b.1948)

Italian artist, Oliviero Masi is a printmaker of exceptional technical ability and poetic sensibility. Masi's landscapes are influenced directly by the lyrical Italian countryside, exploring the variable nuances of light and colour using a sophisticated combination of soft-ground and aquatint techniques.

Masi gets to know the world better through portraying floras, shallow, landscapes, still life, and human portraits in his works. He discusses motions when he paints and portrays objects on canvas, also to encourage the audience to explore and discover the true beauty of things in the universe.

His prints are exquisite multiplate intaglio that have the look and texture of pastel drawing. Masi’s works have been exhibited extensively over the past 40 years in Europe, America, and Hong Kong.


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