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WHATZ Art Fair Taipei

26 - 28 May 2023

The WHATZ Taipei Art Fair, held on May 26-28, was a huge success for our exhibition experience. We were thrilled to see so many whisky lovers and enthusiasts attend our whisky tasting events. The turnout was fantastic, and we had a full house at every event.

Our team had put a lot of effort into creating a unique and engaging exhibition experience, and it was wonderful to see our hard work pay off. We designed our booth to be both visually stunning and informative, with displays showcasing the market insights of whisky. We also had a selection of Scotch whiskies available for tasting.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the whisky tasting events that we hosted. Each session was fully booked, and we had a diverse group of attendees, including both seasoned whisky connoisseurs and newcomers to the world of whisky. We guided the attendees through the tasting process, explaining the characteristics of each whisky and offering tips on how to appreciate the different flavors and aromas.

The atmosphere at our booth was lively and welcoming, with attendees mingling and sharing their experiences and opinions on the different whiskies. It was clear that everyone was enjoying themselves, and we received a lot of positive feedback from attendees who appreciated the opportunity to taste rare and unique whiskies.

Overall, the WHATZ Taipei Art Fair was a great success for our team. We were able to connect with a lot of whisky lovers and enthusiasts, and we hope that we were able to expand their knowledge and appreciation of whisky. We look forward to participating in future events and continuing to share our passion for whisky with others.


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